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Booking for Overseas Block in Bahria Town Karachi

Posted on February 15, 2014 by Bahria Town Online in Articles, Bahria Town Karachi

By Ch Mehmood.

Download Booking Form Overseas Block Bahria Town Karachi

Please click for the latest article published on 21 February 2014 on Bookings for Overseas Pakistanis in Overseas Block Bahria Town Karachi.

Overseas Block Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi opens booking for Overseas Pakistanis from 21 February

Bahria Town  in a newspaper advertisement today on 15 February 2014 announced that it is opening Booking in Bahria Town Karachi for Overseas Pakistanis from 21 February 2014. No further details are given yet. The obvious question is rates; whether or not original rates are given or have been revised for expatriate Pakistanis. Moreover, booking procedure is also not known which i think will be online as well. However, Bahria Town is likey to clarify everything before 21 February.

The Overseas Pakistanis will be given properties in Overseas Block Bahria Town Karachi. The launching is exclusively for Overseas Pakistanis and the locals will not be allowed.

Please remember that there are Overseas Blocks in Bahria Town Rawalpindi and Bahria Town Lahore. These blocks have relatively better development as there are wider roads and the location of Overseas Block in Bahria Town is also normally good.

The properties on offer for Overseas Pakistanis in Bahria Town Karachi are same as booked earlier: Residential PlotsCommercial PlotsBahria Homes and Bahria Apartments. I think residential block for overseas Pakistanis will be different but for remaining three categories they will be adjusted in the normal projects, booked earlier.

If anyone has more information, he is requested to share in the comments. We will also keep improving this blog as we receive more information.

I have uploaded following daily updates on our Front Page of Bahria Town Online Website which i am pasting here in the article as well as numerous people do not happen to visit the front page and come directly on this article through Google search.

Update 16 & 17 Feb. Nothing yet in terms of Payment Schedule, documents required, online application acceptance etc. There is no info yet on this issue even on Bahria website.

However, following is the expected procedure: - 

1. Forms will be available on Bahria Town Website from it could be downloaded. However, it is unclear whether these be submitted online or sent through courier to respective Bahria overseas office

2. Money will be in foreign exchange (not in PKR); most probably in US Dollars and Pound Sterling (Pay Order, Demand Draft, Banker’s Check, cash or some other form which Bahria Town is likely to specify before 21 February

3. Documents required will be photo copies of NICOP of the applicant and their nominee

4. Two passport size photos of the applicant

Update 18 Feb. Bahria Town has uploaded the same advertisement on its website which it had published in newspapers few days ago. However, no more info regarding Payment Schedule, documents required, online application acceptance etc. I think this info is likely to be released tomorrow or day after in the newspapers. Moreover, Bahria Town has written on its website that it is opening soon Bahria Customer Service Office in US. No more details regarding its location etc.

Update 19 Feb. No info from Bahria Town even today. I think we have to wait for tomorrow and day after for any word from their side about the booking procedure etc.

Update 20 Feb. No update from Bahria Town in today’s newspapers or on their website which clearly means Bahria Town will surely release all the details tomorrow on 21 Feb 2014. So lets keep our fingers crossed folks and wait for tomorrow .

Note: For daily updates on bookings in Overseas Block in Bahria Town Karachi, please visit the Front Page of Bahria Town Online

The author is a real estate agent based at Phase V, Bahria Town Rawalpindi


  1. Shiraz on said:

    I’ve booked 500yds plot in Overseas category, could you please let me know when you will start giving file Transfers.
    Please also let me know should you start giving possession on end of December 2015 for Overseas category too.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Sohail on said:

    Salaam Sir,
    i have NICOP number how to check that i am successful on balloting .

  3. rizwan ullah khan bangash on said:

    Asalam o alaikum,I m living in saudia Arabia and had applied for residential plot. balloting done today was also for overseas registered members ? How can I come to know whether I get the plot or not.

  4. tamsila on said:

    I want to ask is there baloting for
    overseas block or application no is confirmation

  5. saima on said:


    we submitted form in ur office when they alloted

    the plot? and when they send installment plan…

    now furthur process will take how much time?

    dr saima

    • Support on said:

      its expected end of this month or may be 23 or 24 march.
      after you can check further process..

  6. muhammad on said:

    I send my documents from saudi If they reach after 10 March dead line they will consider it or not?

    • Support on said:

      not accept after dead line and you can also purchase from the open market.

  7. Asim on said:


    Is that possible to have the registration from Saudi Arabia or no?
    If YES, what is the process?


  8. adnan ahmed khan on said:

    Aoa, my brothers are doing job in KSA. how can I submit form on behalf of them. they can send signed document but courier will take atleast 2 working days to receive. the 2 days only remaining. pls reply asap

    • I would advise to call Bahria Office prior to making any Payment Draft and If they accept the Draft Date – which can be 10th March, then you can send documents through express mail.

  9. imtiaz on said:

    Hello , My question is that: is there a way to submit form online? Please advise.

  10. kashan muhammad on said:

    Hi I have booked 250sqy plot in bahria town khi.I have submitted form with draft.I received confirmation receipt,but there is nothing else like any booking file.should I understand that my booking has been done or there is any balotting or draw in newspaper for confirming? And if there is balotting or draw and unfortunately I did’nt get the plot,then my draft payment would be returned or not?

      • imran ashraf on said:

        Dear admin,
        one query I have sent amount from Saudi Arab USD 3335 for 250 sq. yard on 4th of march 2014. but it was received in Pakistan Bahria town HBL Karachi account USD 3277 on 7th march 2014 because of unknown reasons from Saudi bank. my brother submitted my application on 6th of march 2104 with telegraphic transfer slip which I got from here Saudi bank.
        amount confirmed by HBL by calling them. than I call bahria town yesterday about this problem they told me that sent somebody today on behalf of you and give cash difference of 58 dollars as it was last day of submission of application and money.
        so than my brother went to bahria town office and deposit balance USD 58 and got stamp and sign by bahria town office in Karachi against my application number.

        please guide me ever thing is ok

  11. abid on said:


    can we directly submit the cash dollar in ur office karachi,without draft,bc we

    have not forigen currency account

  12. abid on said:

    sir we have not forign currency account in pak,so how we can make dollar draft?
    and no one of our friend to have dollar acount….
    plz guide me for making draft of it any other way…?
    we r facing very difficulty in making draft…


  13. abid on said:

    sir can i make demand draft form saudi arabia then couier to dubai office..?or karachi to my brother,then he submitted to ur karachi office?

    if they recive after the last date,it will be accepted?

    bc here two days off..we will make draft on 9th march,then couier…?

    i am in saudi arabia..

    is it any chance to extend last date


  14. syed Abrar on said:


    I live in Muscat (Oman ) and i tried so many time to download the form for overseas and today is 6th March remain 4days to submit but unfortunately it’s not working pls. pls. pls. assist.

    Thanx & Regards

    • Syed Abrar on said:

      Sir Only registered people can be applied or any one or with the booking form of overseas karachi we can submit Registraion form?

      Thanx & Regards

    • its working brother nice and fine; there must be some issue with ur computer of internet connection. well u can ask some of ur friend there to assist u

      • Syed Abrar on said:

        Sir Thanx For you immediate reply and I got the Forms, however in The term of condition number 17 are said that Development charges is not included in the total amount I want to ask how much will be after pls. tell me approximately?
        Your response in this regard will be highly appreciated and then I can submit the form

  15. saima on said:

    hi i am working in Qatar please tell me what is the procedure for registration and payment schedule???

    • adil on said:

      I was in karachi few days ago. Someone downloaded teh from fro me and I took it to bahrai’s office in Clifton karachi. There was no rush only two or three guys were inquiring. Went to my bank, made a bank draft, got two passposrt photos, copy of my foreign passposrt, thery require if you are a paksitani passpost holder a cipopy of Iqama or work permit, copy of your Shankhti card, a copy of shankht card fro teh nominee whhc can be your wife or husband, sister, father etc. The from must be filled in duplicate. it was easy, i took all these things to thier office by Abdullah Shah gazi Mazar in Clifton adn was processed in 10 minutes. The from were avalialbe there for 1,000 rupees. Please note that when you make teh bank draft dotn forget to inlcude 75 dollars for processing adn 10 dollars for form fee.

      • Arsalan on said:

        Excellent briefing.
        Exactly the way it works
        I sumitted my application yesterday, they confirmed that if courier date and remittance date matches last date (which was 10th March), they will accept my booking.

        Any idea when do they sent receipt and when the quarterly payments will start..

        Btw, other than overseas block is it already sold-out?

    • Support on said:

      As i checked with Bahria town office, they mention to me, its take approx. 3 to 4 months…

      what is work progress status in ground level?

  16. Muhammad Furqan on said:

    Dear sir, I want to know that, there is two block in residential plots, one golf course and one lake view, if I tick any one, I pay 35%extra amount. I want to know if I did not tick any option, I need plot in normal price, without 35% extra amount, in this condition where he will give me plot, o

  17. Hassan on said:

    Dear , your posts are very help full, i have a query

    Can you Pls advise / share the process, of making bank draft /postal order in US dollar in Karachi , because i don’t have US bank account in Pak. and my bro is going here and there for last 4 days, and not able to get bank draft and postal order made yet.


    Hassan Sajid

  18. Hina on said:

    I submitted the overseas forms in bahria office Karachi
    They also accepted them & gave me the Reciept but now I found out that the form I downloaded doesn’t have the serial number on it
    Should I be worried about it?
    But I already recieved the confirmation Reciept from bahria office Karachi

    • Hassan on said:

      Salam Alaikum – Hina,

      can you please advise the process of making bank draft /Pay order , which you have followed before submitting your application to BT Karachi


      Hassan Sajid

  19. Junaid on said:

    Good day.
    I just need to ask about documents as I am in Australia got study visa with part time working rights. I haven’t got any work visa now but will apply residency soon. Only I’ve CNIC,domicile and passport with visa.Can I submit my application or no?

  20. Mansoor Ahmed - Australia on said:

    I am getting error message when submitting details in dowloading form section. Any suggestions.

  21. Zulfiqar Syed on said:

    Dear Sir

    I am in KSA i want to book a residential plot 250SQY, please tell me can my father & brother can do the documentation from Karachi on the behalf of me?

    How much the installment for every 3 months?
    How much do i have to pay extra for the corner plot or west open plot?
    Is there any hidden charges involve except the total amount?
    Can i pay installment in rupees?

    Waiting for your sooner reply


    • u cant pay in rupees, it has to be in us dollars. ur brother can submit documents on ur behalf but these have to be signed by u. 10% each for corner and west open. installment u can calculate by subtracting token money from the total price and by dividing the remaining amount with 16

      • Muhammad Nasir on said:

        Dear sir please till me new projects is how many time in coming and hoshang pearl opal 225 booking is how many time after will be started please give me
        full guide me new projects coming estimated time till me ???

  22. Muhammad Naeem on said:

    I abroad my brother tried to submit my form in Peshawar but bank authorities says that you must have got this form any Bahriya main office and to pay 75 dollars there and a receipt of that should be stapled with the form. Sir if this is the case what is the meaning of downloading the form net. please guide me to complete my process.

  23. Sanullah on said:

    HI Sir,

    I am working overseas, My brother for the last three days trying to submit my form and Dollors in cash at Lahore Bahria Town Branch. They are not accepting the cash and further stated that it should be via demand draft. I don’t have foreign currency account in Pakistan.

    My brother visited at least seven different branches to obtain demand draft but the bank want me to open a bank account then they will be in a position to issue me dement draft. Please advise so that I can submit my payments for Bahria Town overseas Block at Karachi.


    Sana Ullah

  24. atiq ur rehman on said:

    first of all I have been trying to call London office for last few days but unfortunately there is no one there to answer the phone even I left a voicemail with my no still no body came back to me I am interested in Karachi overseas commercial and what is procedure of payment can I pay money here in London in any bank or do I have to transfer money to Pakistan please could you let me know asap

    • You need to make draft in dollars for this; Bahria is not accepting cash. The procedure is quite cumbersome and overseas Pakistanis are facing problems in getting drafts. Its not easy for them to come to Pak for this and if they do, they need to have dollars acct in some local bank. I also do not have any solution which i can suggest

      • Iqbal on said:

        I am a resident of Muscat, Oman & I have made USD demand draft from Habib Bank Limited here in Muscat without having an account in the Bank.
        If any one cannot go to Pak can do one thing which I have done in a matter few hours.
        I took Omani Riyal to the bank got USD demand draft from Habib Bank which local Omani Banks refused despite being account holder.
        Filled & signed booking form.
        Required documents & photographs & sent all these to Bahria Office in Dubai through courier service.
        Next day if confirmed my documents arrived there.
        They will send my copy through mail.

        • Iqbal on said:

          Further I should clear here as many of friends facing difficulty in downloading forms from their computers.
          I have faced from my computer too but easily through my Samsung Note II then I sent files through blue tooth to my laptop & got print.

  25. I live in City dublin of Country Ireland. I am intrested in bharia town overseas karachi project. In commercial and residential plots. How can, i pay fee for processing, token and quaterly instalments through my bank account in Ireland. Also, how does it possible to select a commercial, residential and homes in absence of project plan or drawing unavailable to view for oversea pakistan. Are each commercial plots would be designs to allocate for specific business in order to avoids future consequence. How long the project will take in completion. What is your commitment to buyers. As you are commited to fine or cancel allotments for those, would not follow your scheduled payment plan. What about if you fail to complete or delay the project.

  26. I am from ITALY. I want to book a home 125 sqyds, I want to know about the number of installments and also how can I submit the form?…. I just have NICOP and Passport is it necessary to have CNIC because my CNIC is expired now….. Kindly explain these things as soon as possible.

  27. YOUNUS on said:

    Hello Dear,

    I am from Toronto Canada,Please Advice me on this question.

    Overseas Block is first come first serve what happens when we don’t get any plot or home on this situation do you refund token money back if yes how ?


  28. I am not able to download the form for overseas residential plot after click on submit the request is timeout. how can I download form.

    And also toll free number is not working 80000100

  29. sir after download form,
    the next step is to submit form in bank,
    but how much amount of fee….?
    i mean only processing fee and token fee??
    or any other amount?
    for booking


      • sir how much is down payment? for 500 sq residential plots? is 49950? can i submit in saudia? any office in it included in total amount?

  30. Dear, the downloaded form has written 10$ fee while processing fee is 75$. Is the first included in second or the bank draft should have 88$ other than the down payment?

  31. Kashif on said:

    Quick Questions
    The forms have few Pakistani Bank accounts information but if you are living in Overseas how can you make a payment..I mean do we have to make a bank draft in the name of Bahria town?
    2nd, after completing every thing, where should we send our application along with required documents ? and how we would get confirmation or even customer copy.

  32. i did download form how do i submit the form and down payment for bahria town karachi residential plot 500 yard please send me complete info ……thanks best regard khan…new york ..usa

  33. salman khawaja on said:

    Dear concerning , pls inform the procedure to apply
    for overseas plots and how the payments are to on be made, is there a bloating for overseas or will be a confirm plot ,


  34. Over seas PAk on said:

    Dear Over seas Pakistanis,
    kindly read the form carefully especially the declaration about existing and future rules, you have to accept the future rules?? what are the future rules? if they say go to hell the rule is changed after your full payment what will you do?
    be careful about your hard earn money only money making in pakistan is easy don’t rush

  35. Adult Samad on said:

    Hi Bahria Town Online Team,
    Would you kindly advise as to whether there will be balloting after payment of token money or it will be a confirm booking once the token money is paid along with the required documents.

  36. I have submitted the booking form of Bahria Town Karachi residential plot but not yet open the file for resale. Is there any possibility or date for opening?

  37. muhammad saleem on said:

    i want to know the prosses of booking plot in bahria town karachi,
    i live in saudia
    how many installment ,
    total cost of plat

  38. Tanwir Ahmed on said:

    Dear sir please advise whether registeration is required to book a plot in bahria town karachi overseas block currently announced project? Tanwir Ahmed Jeddah

  39. I want to buy 5 residential plots will i need 2 passport photos for each application or can i use 2 for al of them?

  40. Shayan Ali on said:

    Hoshang,Opal certificates required for booking in overseas Block Bahria town Karachi…

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  42. m.siddiqui on said:

    asalamualakum.i need details about the plots in bahria town karachi with payment plan .thanks.

  43. NAVEED KING KHAN on said:


  44. ARIF SHAHAB on said:

    I am an overseas Pakistani and have registered for bloating. I would like to know when would be the bloating for BTK so I can make a decision for up coming Overseas Pakistani project Bahria Town Karachi. Thank you


    • on said:

      21st of february is to sale the form for behria town karachi u can have the registration form tomorrow from their site.

  45. I am an overseas Pakistani and have registered for bloating. I would like to know when would be the bloating for BTK so I can make a decision for up coming Overseas Pakistani project Bahria Town Karachi. Thank you
    Ahmed memon

  46. syed abdullah shah on said:

    We r in ksa…plz guide us how we can apply…we r intrested in bharia hme..

    • Mujahid on said:

      Dear all you have to wait only for one day tommorow is lunching bahria town karachi overseas block only for overseas need have nicop and may ba overseas foundation member

  47. Sir, we have bought plots in Overseas B block and their rates are not appreciated after years of investment instead of development why? We have recently bought 5 Marla files of Civic Commercial Bahria Town Lahore freshly launched project of Bahria Town in Lahore.

    Please highlight about Civic Commercial Bahria Town Lahore Project aslo. We have found some videos and notices regarding Civic Commercial Bahria Lahore.

  48. muhammad ahmed on said:

    I am now in London how can i register for booking and what is the starting and last date let me know the procedure.

    what is your process.

    Please let me know. urgently


  49. Muhammad Qaiser Bashir on said:

    I am from south Africa how do I register for booking. Kindly assist me regarding this.

  50. syed akbar shah on said:

    I am now in kabul how can i register for booking and what is the starting and last date let me know the procedure

  51. Hello,

    The earlier project was announced worl wide and may of expats like me did the booking in various cateogories.. at that time there was no mention of overseas pakistanis and now BT is annoucing booking for Overase paksitanis????? what will happen to all expats who did booking and paid huge amount in form token money ???????????? Please answer.

    dubai uae

  52. abdul waheed on said:

    I am now in dubai how can i register for booking and what is the starting and last date let me know the procedure .
    Awaiting your reply

  53. Dr. Syed Fazal Shah on said:

    Pl guide us how to apply in Bahria Town Karachi Oversea’s Block. I am interested in Bahria Homes.

    • Bahria has yet to elaborate the nitty gritty like documents required, payment schedule, online booking etc. The only info available is the one which is through newspaper ad published yesterday. Even nothing is written on Bahria website yet. We will update you ASAP as the booking is starting from 21 Feb and Bahira is expected to clarify all these things before that. Hope that helps!

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