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Bahria Town Rawalpind – OneLink Estate & Builders

If you want to buy property in Phase 1 to 6, Bahria Town then click on  Sold Properties  to research the recently sold properties and their rates; not the demands and offers but real prices on which deals were concluded..!!!


One Kanal House for Sale in Safari Villa-1, Bahria Town Islamabad

Following are the Average Rents in Phase 1 to 6, Bahria Town Rawalpindi

  • 10M Full House (4 or 5 beds) – Rs. 65000 to 70000.
  • 10M Ground Portion – Rs. 35000 to 37000
  • 10M Upper Portion – Rs. 30000 to 35000
  • 1 Kanal Full House (5 or 6 beds) – Rs. 115000 to 125000.
  • 1 Kanal Ground Portion – Rs. 55000 to 60000.
  • 1 Kanal Upper Portion – Rs. 45000 to 50000.
  • We charge commission equivalent to half of one month rent.
  • Please call Ch Mehmood at 0333 6 555 444

Plots for Sale, Phase 1-6, Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Commercial Plot for Sale in Bahria Town Rawalpindi


We have uploaded some great Maps along with relevant Google maps of Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 1 to 8; we emphatically claim that these are the best high resolution zoomable maps available on internet. Please click here to see them.

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